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As DVD players push the venerable videocassette recorder toward obsolescence, all those tapes of birthday parties, vacations and weddings -- not to mention your Hollywood movies -- are at risk of becoming technology orphans.

DVD Wizard Pro teaches you step by step how to convert not just your VHS but also S-VHS, VHS-C, 8 MM, Hi8, Digital 8 and Betamax - any kind of analog video - to digital video such as a video CD (VCD) using your home PC. Then turn around and play those discs on your DVD player.

VHS to DVD conversion is the most common form of analog to digital video conversion. It ensures your videos will last a lifetime. If you have movies on VHS or other video tape formats, converting them from VHS to VCD can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in replacement costs. And don’t let those home videos degrade away, transfer them to digital video and preserve your memories.

The finished DVD, whether played on a computer or on a three-year-old DVD player, will look as good as the original videotape.

DVD Wizard Pro is completely unlike anything our competitors offer, so order today, you won't be disappointed!


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